Brother John

From Goshenumc

Today is February 21,2008

Good day you people of God,

Philemon Chapter 2 Paul's appeal.

In verse 8 Paul lays it out, "Therefore, although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do, (9) yet I appeal to you on the basis of love".(NIV) This man we call Paul was always teaching, he says I could tell you to, but you know you ought to.... I'd say Paul was being pretty bold with that statement but he maintained that respect with Philemon that we need to maintain with each other.

In the next few lines he refers to Onesimus as his son. Have you ever had a spiritual mom or dad ? That wonderful person somewhere in your life that lived their faith. Have you ever mentored another with their walk with Christ. If you haven't, you will, God will place someone in your life. Some of the people will help you, some will be helped by you but most times you will help each other in some way.

Forgiveness on the level that Paul is demanding is not always easily accomplished. We need to remember that anger or wrath toward another is not really hurting them it is only damaging to ourselves. If you put your hand through the dog's fence and he bites you, don't be angry with the dog, he is only acting out his dog nature. Not putting your hand through the fence is the answer to your pain. Sometimes we don't recognize certain situations or people's tendencies and we become hurt. Learn your lessons as you go and bring them with you as you grow. Lessons that are learned and fond memories are the great value of the past. It is best to leave the rest of the past back in the past because it can only detract and distract you from embracing today.(personal past not cultural) Embrace today knowing that God could live any where in the universe and chooses to live in your heart.

God loves you very much as do I,

Brother John